These regulations are framed under clause-7 (ii), of the First Statute of the schedule of the University of Engineering and Technology Amendment ordinance, 1981 and may be called “The University/Colleges Students Conduct and Discipline Regulations”.

The University Discipline Committee constituted under clause-7 (ii) of the First Statutes of the Schedule of the University of Engineering and Technology, Amendment Ordinance, 1981 shall have the authority and jurisdiction to deal with, and decide, all cases of indiscipline, in accordance with the University Students Conduct and Discipline Regulations.


These regulations shall apply to all students on the rolls of the University and the affiliated Colleges of the University.


Every student shall observe the following code of conduct:-

  1. Faithfulness in his religious duties, and respect for convictions of others in matters of religion, conscience and customs.
  2. Loyalty of Pakistan, and refraining from doing anything which might lower its honor and prestige in any way.
  3. Truthfulness and honesty in dealing with others.
  4. Respect for elders, and politeness to all, especially to women, children, old people, Conduct & Discipline Regulations weak, deformed and the helpless.
  5. Respect for teachers and others in authority in the University.
  6. Cleanliness of body, mind, speech and habits.
  7. Helpfulness to fellow-beings.
  8. Devotion to studies and sports.
  9. Protection of Government property.


The students should refrain from:-

  1. (a) Smoking in class – rooms, laboratories, workshops, examination halls, or Convocation Hall, and during study or academic functions.
  2. Using or carrying of alcoholic drinks or other intoxicating drugs, within the University Campus or University Hostels or during instruction, sports or cultural tours or survey camps or entering such places or attending any such tour of camp while under the influence of such intoxicants, or any other University/ College functions outside the Campus.
  3. Organizing or taking part in any function within the University campus or hostel, ororganizing any club or society of students or students associations, unions and federations, except in accordance with the prescribed rules and regulations.
  4. Collecting any money, receiving funds or pecuniary assistance for, or on behalf, of theUniversity, except with the written permission of the vice-chancellor /Principal.
  5. Staging, inciting or participating in any walkout, strike, or other form of agitation against the University or its teachers or officers, inciting any one to violence, disruption of the peaceful atmospheres of the University in any way, making provocative speeches or gestures which may cause resentment, issuing of pamphlets or cartoons casting aspersions on the teachers or staff of the University or the University bodies, or doing anything in anyway likely to promote rift and hatred among the various groups or castes of students community, issuing statements in the press making false accusations or lowering the prestige of the University or writing and pasting posters on the walls.
  6. Bringing, carrying and keeping of fire arms or any other weapon (of any nature/type)forbidden by law, within the University Campus, class-rooms, hostels and offices.
  7. Causing damage to University property or government public property.
  8. Use of loud speakers, mega-phones, “decks” in the University hostels and on campus.


A student will be deemed to have committed an act of indiscipline if he/she:

  1. Commits a breach of rules of conduct specified above, or
  2. Disobeys the lawful order or a teacher or other person in authority in the University, or
  3. Habitually neglects his work or habitually absents himself from his class without valid reason; or
  4. Wilfully damages University (or) public property or the property of a fellow student or any teacher or any employee of the University or
  5. Does not pay the fees, fines, or, other dues payable, under the University Regulations and Rules; or
  6. Does not comply with the rules relating to residence in hostels, or uses indecent language, wears immodest clothes, makes indecent remarks or gestures, or behaves in a disorderly manner, or commits any criminal immoral or dishonorable act ( whether committed within the University Campus or outside) or any act which is detrimental to the interest of the University. False personification or giving false information or willful suppression of facts, Information cheating or deceiving the University.
  7. Forging, mutilating, altering erasing or otherwise tampering with any document connected with examination, receipt of University fees / dues or making undue use of such documents.


The vice-chancellor , if in his opinion an act of indiscipline can more appropriately be dealt with by the University Discipline Committee, may refer it to the University Discipline Committee for necessary action under the Rules/Regulations.


  1. Rustication
    1. Rustication, whenever imposed on a College/University student, shall always mean the loss of one semester or one academic year so far his appearance in a University examination is concerned. The rusticated student may be admitted in the University on the expiry of the rustication period.
    2. No fee will be charged from a rusticated student for the month or months during which his name is struck off the rolls
  2. Expulsion
    1. The period of expulsion will be counted from the date of issue of such a notice by the University. Expulsion period can vary.
    2. Name of the expelled student will immediately be removed from the Department’s rolls, and no fee will be charged from him/her for subsequent months.
    3. A student expelled from a Department maybe re-admitted into that Department or another affiliated College after the expiry of the period of expulsion.
    4. Cases of expulsion will be registered in the University and notified to all Departments and Universities.


  1. The authority, which has the power to rusticate could also withdraw the same order before the expiry of the period.
  2. No student shall be rusticated/expelled from the University unless he has been served with the Show Cause Notice, and allowed a reasonable time for explanation and replying to the charges framed against him.
  3. When in the opinion of the Discipline Committee the rustication or expulsion is not called for in a case referred to it, may impose any other penalty or penalties mentioned in the above Regulations.


  1. An appeal against the punishment awarded by the University Discipline Committee can be made to the Appellate Committee.

No appeal by a student against the decision of the University Discipline Committee shall be entertained unless it is presented within thirty days from the date on which the decision is communicated to him. This code of conduct will repeal all previous Regulations relating to Expulsion and Rustication or any other instructions relating to the maintenance of discipline among the students.