Dr. Kaleem Ullah
Lecturer – Electrical Energy System Engineering stream
Semester Coordinator– Energy Engineering Program
US-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energies
University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar

Profile Summary:            

                Dr. Kaleem Ullah is a highly accomplished professional in the field of electrical engineering, with a focus on power systems. He earned his PhD in Electrical Engineering (Power) from the University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. During his PhD, which spanned from September 2017 to May 2022, he conducted extensive research on real-time dynamic dispatch strategies for Automatic Generation Control (AGC) mechanisms. His research aimed to address the challenges associated with integrating large-scale wind power into the grid, focusing on maintaining active power balance, avoiding transmission line congestion, and enhancing system reliability. The proposed control strategies were evaluated by modeling major power plant units and 500 kV transmission system of the National Transmission and Dispatch Center (NTDC) system of Pakistan.

                Prior to that, he completed his MSc in Electrical Engineering (Power) in 2016 and his BSc in Electrical Engineering in 2013, both from the same university. Dr. Ullah has an extensive research and academic background. He served as a research associate in the Electrical Energy System Engineering stream of the Center for Advanced Studies in Energies at UET Peshawar from 2017 to 2019. During this period, he actively contributed to research projects related to energy systems, particularly focusing on the modeling and designing of Automatic Generation Control (AGC) for large scale wind energy based power system networks. In recognition of his expertise and contributions to the field, Dr. Ullah was appointed as a lecturer in the Electrical Energy System Engineering stream at the same department, where he is currently serving.

                Dr. Ullah has established himself as a prolific researcher, having published more than 14 research articles in the area of modeling and designing AGC for wind-based power system networks. His research work showcases his in-depth understanding of power systems and his ability to develop innovative solutions to enhance their stability and performance. Furthermore, he has demonstrated his project management skills as a Research lead in a project titled “Intelligent Controller for Economic Load Dispatch in Micro grid.” The project aimed to develop a micro grid to provide reliable, affordable, and clean energy to the local community, aligning with Sustainable Development Goal 7. Currently, Dr. Kaleem Ullah is actively involved in supervising MSc research students in the field of power systems, further fostering research and innovation in the domain of electrical energy system engineering.

                In addition to his academic and research pursuits, Dr. Ullah currently serves as the semester coordinator for the BSc Energy Engineering program. In this capacity, he assumes the responsibility of overseeing the program’s seamless operation and coordination throughout the semester. As the coordinator, his primary role is to ensure the appropriate scheduling of courses, provision of academic resources, and effective monitoring of students’ progress. Furthermore, as the semester coordinator, Dr. Ullah actively participates in curriculum development, course planning, and assessment processes. He collaborates closely with the program faculty to ensure that the curriculum aligns with the program’s objectives and adheres to the requirements and standards set forth by the Pakistan Engineering Council.