4th International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies ICSET-22 (December-22)

Call for Paper

Paper Submission Deadline 31st August 2022


Energy is of vital importance to any society today and the future of energy needs to be sustainable in terms of environment and climate as crucial changes are to inevitably happen. Pakistan is challenged by overpopulation, climate change and a weak energy sector. Despite having abundant renewable energy resources, the energy sector has been in dire-straits for over a decade with power shortages and subsequent load shedding for both domestic and industrial entities. The lack of visionary policy, outdated power plants and transmission grid, economic factors, dependency on imported fossil fuels, and weak indigenous technological base are some of the main contributors to the energy crisis in Pakistan. Although the situation has improved considerably over the last couple of years, the generation, transmission and distribution challenges remain and are affecting economic growth of the country.


Renewable Energy Technologies

-Artificial Intelligence in     Energy
-Biogas and Biomass
-Solar Cell Technology
-Wind Energy

Energy, Environment and Policy

-Sustainable Development Goals
-Energy Economics and Modelling
-Green Buildings
-Energy Efficiency
-Energy Policy and governance
-Low Carbon Economy
-Climate Change
-Energy Markets

Thermal Energy Systems

-Thermal Energy   Technologies
-Clean Coal Technologies
-Hydropower Technologies
-Solar Thermal   Technologies
-Computational Fluid   Dynamics
-Power Plant and Internal   Combustion Engine

Electrical Energy Systems

-Smart Grids and Transmissions
-Energy Storage Technologies
-Control and optimization of –
Energy Systems
-Electric transmission and

Energy Materials

-Nanomaterials and   characterization
-Batteries and Storage   Technology


  • Call for paper 30 April 2022
  • Deadline for full paper submission 31 July 2022  (31st August 2022)
  • Notification for acceptance of paper 30 August 2022 (30 September 2022)
  • Registration-fee submission deadline 15 September 2022  (15 October 2022)
  • Submission of Poster or Presentation 30 September, 2022 (30 October 2022)

Conference date 5th December  2022


Students (Presenter): PKR 5000

Professionals (Presenter): PKR 5500

Participants (without presentation): 2000

Registration fee must be deposited online. The account details are given below;
Title of account:        UET Peshawar Director USPCASE

Account Number:      1113-790262118-03
Bank and IBAN:          Habib Bank Ltd Hayatabad Branch, (PK44 HABB 0011 1379 0262 1803)

Dr Adarsh Kumar Panday
Professor (Sunway University, Malaysia)

Prof. Pandey is currently working as Professor at Research Centre for Nano-Materials and Energy Technology (RCNMET), School of Engineering and Technology, Sunway University, Malaysia. He is leading the PhD in Sustainability Science and Technology program at Sunway University. Prior to this he worked at University of Malaya Power Energy Dedicated Advanced Centre (UMPEDAC), University of Malaya, Malaysia. He did his PhD in Energy from SMVD University, India. He has published more than 134 research papers as per Scopus data base as well filed 5 patents on different solar energy technologies. Besides, he is author of books and book chapters. 

Dr Clark Miller
Professor (Arizona State University, USA)

Clark A. Miller’s research interests focus on science, technology & globalization. He writes about the design and critical analysis of knowledge systems in support of US and global policymaking, about the governance challenges posed by new and emerging technologies, and about the social sustainability of transitions in complex, large-scale, socio-technological systems. He has published numerous articles on science and technology policy, studies of science and democracy, international relations, and energy policy. He currently leads a major research effort focused on the social drivers, dynamics, and consequences of energy system change. 

Dr Muhammad Imran Khan
Research Fellow, Hammad bin Khaifa University, Qatar

Dr. Muhammad Imran Khan is currently working as Research Fellow at College of Science and Engineering, Hammad Bin Khalifa University, Qatar. He did his PhD in Energy and Environmental Engineering (School of Built Environment), University of Reading, UK. Prior to this he has worked as Production Engineer in Mari Petroleum Limited, Pakistan. He has published more than 90 articles in the field of Energy and Environment with 4000+ citations. He was awarded the top reviewer in Physics and Engineering in 2019 with 400+ verified reviews.

Publication Policy

Note: According to Pakistan Engineering Council criteria, USPCAS-E is a PEB and therefore this conference will be counted towards the professional development of engineers, 1.5 CPD points for authors and 0.5 CPD points for Participants can be claimed in applications submitted to Pakistan Engineering Council.

Conference Management 

  • Patron in chief: Prof. Dr. Iftikhar Hussain
  • Vice Patron in Chief: Prof. Dr. Qaiser Ali
  • Patron: Prof. Dr. Sahar Noor, Dean FMCIE.
  • Prof. Dr. Misbahullah, Treasurer UET Peshawar
  • Chair: Prof. Dr. Adnan Daud
  • Conference secretary: Asst Prof. Dr. Khurshid Ahmad

Conference Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Sahar Noor
  • Dr. Rizwan Gul
  • Dr. Misbah Ullah
  • Dr. Khizar Azam
  • Dr. Adnan Daud Khan
  • Dr. Tahir Khan
  • Dr. Muddasir Habib
  • Dr. Shahid Maqsood
  • Dr. Usman Ghani
  • Director ORIC
  • Director QEC
  • Director Media
  • Director IT/CMS
  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad (Secretary)

Conference Editorial Board

  • Dr. Adnan Daud Khan
  • Dr. Najeeb Ullah 
  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad
  • Dr. Asmat Ullah
  • Dr. Muhammad Hassan
  • Dr. Affaq Qamar
  • Dr. Abdul Basit
  • Dr. Zohaib Ur Rehman
  • Dr. Muhammad Arif
  • Dr. Muhammad Hassan
  • Dr. Muhammad Noman 
  • Dr. Ali Kamran
  • Dr. Sajjad Wali Khan 
  • Dr. Muhammad Alam Zeb Khan
  • Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shereen

Technical Committee

  • Prof. Dr. Sahar Noor (UET Peshawar)
  • Prof. Dr. Farid Ullah (UET Peshawar)
  • Dr. Adnan Daud Khan (UET Peshawar)
  • Prof. Dr. Saeed Gul (UET Peshawar)
  • Prof. Dr. Khan Shahzad (UET Peshawar)
  • Dr. Saeed Badshah (IIUI)
  • Dr. Saim Saher (CECOS)
  • Dr. Tanvir Ahmad (SAARC)
  • Dr. Immad Ullah (LUMS)
  • Dr. Niaz Bahadur Khan (NUST)
  • Dr. Waseem Ahmad (LJMU, UK)
  • Dr. Faisal Asfand (University of Huddersfield, UK)
  • Dr. Hanif Ullah (FUUST)
  • Dr. Muhammad Asif (GIKI)
  • Dr. Ali Turab Jafry (GIKI)
  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad (UET Peshawar)
  • Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shereen (UET Peshawar)

Organizing Committee

  • Dr. Adnan Daud Khan
  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad
  • Dr. Muhammad Noman
  • Dr. Abdul Basit
  • Dr. Zohaib Ur Rehman
  • Dr. Muhammad Hassan
  • Dr. Najeeb Ullah
  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad
  • Dr. Affaq Qamar
  • Dr. Muhammad Arif
  • Dr. Amir Naveed
  • Dr. Muhammad Aslam
  • Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shereen
  • Engr. Kaleem Ullah
  • Engr. Noor Muhammad
  • Engr.  Atif Sardar
  • Engr. Shoaib Khan
  • Engr. Zafar Ullah
  • Engr. Fahad Ullah Zafar
  • Engr. Saad Rehan
  • Engr. Waqas Khalil
  • Engr. Maoz
  • Engr. Saad Rashid

Conference Secretariat

  • Dr. Khurshid Ahmad (Secretary)
  • Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shereen (Co. Secretary & Conference Coordination) (03339363493)
  • Engr. Noor Muhammad (Focal Person-Industrial Liaison)
  • Engr. Atif Sardar (Focal Person – Academia Liaison)
  • Engr. Fahad Ullah Zafar (Focal Person – Tracking and Coordination)

Conference Secretary

Dr. Khurshid Ahmad
Assistant Professor
Thermal Systems Engineering

Conference Co-Secretary

Dr. Muhammad Kamran Shereen
Lab Engineer
Electrical Energy Systems Engineering