U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar

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Thursday, 07 September 2017 08:10

Renewable Energy Engineering Lab

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Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) with XMA Analyzer

Field Emission SEM: Accelerating voltage 30 kV, Magnification up to 1,000,000X

EDX system with software library (liquid N2 free)

Low vacuum mode pressure range 10 Pa to 300 Pa

A stage, which holds a sample size of at least 50mm x 50 mm; Resolution range=0.8nm at 15kV.


X-ray Diffractometer (XRD)

Theta/theta (ie fixed sample) with 9 position sample changer, position sensitive detector (LynxEye) and standard detector (SC) with auto-absorber & graphite 2rd beam monochromator and sample rotation. Divergent beam, Bragg Brentano parafocusing geometry, reflection mode and most slit motorized.

(min step 0.0001° for detector & 0.0001° for tube (omega), best instrumental resolution ~0.08° in 2theta & ~0.04° in omega).

For Thin film/powder samples

XRD analysis software facility with library


Fuel cell


GAS FLOW: 100:1 turndown MFC’s

Standard anode flow range: 0.015 – 1.5 nlpm

Standard cathode flow range : 0.025 – 2.5 nlpm


Dew Point control: Up to 95°C (203°F) optional high temperature operation

Gas Temperature: Up to 110°C (203°F) optional high temperature operation

Dry gas by-pass: optional; with automatic control


BACK PRESSURE CONTROL: Up to 3barg (45psig); higher pressures available

DIMENSIONS (L x W x H) (approximate): 890x710x1855 mm (32x28x73 in)

Effective area of cell : 5cm²


Au Sputter Coater

Mini plasma sputtering coater with vacuum pump and gold target


Spin Coater

Programmable Desktop Spin Coater

Variable Speed : 0 – 8000rpm

Natural polypropylene housing with interlocking

Electronic programmable controller

13100 – 12000 rpm with resolution of <0.5 rpm

Vacuum pump


Spectrophotometer UV/Vis/NIR

Range (175 nm to 3300 nm)

PMT, InGaAs and PbS 3-detector module

High sensitivity resolution 0.2 nm

Snap-in integrating spheres to 150 mm

Precision LCR Meter 20 Hz to 2 MHz

Vector Network Analyzer (3 GHz to 20 GHz)


Metallographic Sample Preparation (Sample cutter, Mounting Press and Automatic Polisher)

Sample Cutter: Grinding wheel cutter

Mounting Press: Bakelite mounting samples

Rough Grinding machine (Wheel Dia 250 mm): Each Machine with two Wheels along with holding rings, Variable Speed Control, Spare wheels with all supplies (200 each Non-stick Emery Papers 120#, 200#, 400#, 800#,1200# of 250 diameter)

Polishing Machine Wheel Dia 250 mm: Each Machine with two Polishing Wheels along with holding rings, Variable Speed Control, Spare wheels with all supplies (200 each both nap less and with nap polishing cloth, 5 diamond paste tubes (6 micron, 1 micron), alumina polishing powders 5 Kg each (10micron, 1micron, 0.05 micron)


Universal Testing Machine 30 kN

Electromechanical, Capacity approx. 30KN (with tensile, bending & compression and fiber test options). Loads cells: 5KN, 20KN and 30KN

Grips: For Fiber, sheets, rectangular flat, and rod samples


Optical extensometer to measure the gauge length, specimen making accessories and mold according to the standards for plastics to cut dumb-bell test pieces.


Universal Hardness Tester

Capable of the following hardness tests: Vicker, Rockwell and Brinell


Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC)


Temperature Range Ambient to 725°C

With Cooling Accessories -180 to 725°C

Temperature Accuracy +/- 0.l°C

Temperature Precision +/- 0.0l°C

Calorimetric Reproducibility (indium metal) +/- 0.05%

Calorimetric Precision (indium metal) +/- 0.05%

Dynamic Measurement Range >+/- 500 m-W

Baseline Curvature (Tzero; -50 to 300•C) 10 µW

Baseline Reproducibility with Tzero +/- 10 µW

Sensitivity 0.2 µW

Indium Height/Width 60 mW /°C


Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)

Maximum Force 8 N

Minimum Force 0.0001 N

Force Resolution 0.00001 N

Strain Resolution 1 nanometer

Modulus Range 103 to 3x 1012 Pa

Modulus Precision ± 1%

Tand Sensitivity 0.0001

Tand Resolution 0.00001

Frequency Range 0.01 to 200 Hz

Dynamic Sample Deformation Range ± 0.5 to 10000 µm

Temperature Range -150 to 600°C

Heating Rate 0.1 to 20°C/min

Cooling Rate 0.1 to 10°C/min

Isothermal Stability ±0.1°C

Time/Temperature Superposition YES

RH Control Optional


Differential Thermal Analysis System (DTA)

System Design Horizontal Balance & Furnace

Balance Design Dual Beam (growth Compensated)

Sample Capacity 200 mg (350 mg including sample holder)

Balance Sensitivity 0.1 µg

Furnace Type Bifilar Wound

Temperature Range Ambient to 1500C

Heating Rate - Ambient to 1000C 0.1 to 100C/min

Heating Rate - Ambient to 1500C 0.1 to 25C/min

Furnace Cooling Forced Air (1500 to 50C in < 30 min,

1000C in 50C in < 20 min)

Thermocouples Platinum/Platinum-Rhodium (Type R)

Temperature Calibration Curie point or Metal Standards [1 to 5 Points)

DTA Sensitivity 0.001C

Calorimetric Accuracy/Precision ± 2% [based on metal standards)

Mass Flow Controller with Automatic Gas Switching Included

Vacuum to 7 Pa (0.05 torr)

Reactive Gas Capability Included - separate gas tube

Dual Sample TGA Included

Auto-Stepwise TGA Included

Sample Pans Platinum: 40 µl, 110 µl

Alumina: 40 µl, 90 µl


Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) with Evolved Gas Analysis Furnace (EGA)

Temperature Compensated Thermobalance Included

Maximum Sample Weight l g

Weighing Precision +/- 0.01%

Sensitivity 0.1 µg

Baseline Dynamic Drift* < 50 µg

Furnace Heating Resistance Wound

EGA Furnace Optional

Temperature Range Ambient to 1000°C

Isothermal Temp Accuracy +/- 1°C

Isothermal Temp Precision +/- 0.1°C,

Controlled Heating Rate 0.1 to 100°C/min

Furnace Cooling (forced air/N2) 1000 to 50°C < 12 min

Temperature Calibration Curie Point

Auto-loader Included

Auto Stepwise TGA Included

TGA/MS Operation Optional

TGA/FTIR Operation Optional

PlatinumTM Software Included

Sample Pans Platinum50, 100 µl

Ceramic 100, 250, 500 µl


*From 50 to 1000C at 20C/min using empty platinum pons, no baseline/blank subtraction.


FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy)

Interferometer: 30 degree incident angle Michelson interferometer with dynamic alignment system.

Spectral Range: 350 to 7800 /cm expandable to 12500/cm.

Resolution: not more than 0.25/cm

Detector: High sensitive detector DLATGS


S/N ratio: 60,000 or higher

Having future up-gradation to use with IR microscope.


Sampling accessories:

1. DRS diffused reflectance attachment

2. ATR attenuated total reflectance attachment

3. Specular Reflectance attachment for analysis of thin film on metal with um order of thickness.

4. Fixed and demountable liquid cell.


Control Unit and Ultra Micro balance

AD6000-Control Unit and Ultra microbalance module, 0.1 microgram sensitivity


Impact Tester

Impact pendulum test for plastics, metals and composites

Energy ranging from 0.5 - 50J

Capable of conducting Charpy, Izod, Pipe and Tensile Impact methods


Fume Hood

Lab scale approx. ( L x H x Dmm) 1120 x 680 x 1200 working volume

Provision for water, inert gas, air lines and drainage system

Transparent sliding front door, High efficiency fume extraction


Digital Balance

A balance up to five digit accuracy for DSC samples measurements, LCD display.


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