The world is exploring various sources of energy and has successfully identified and exploited novel materials for energy creation and application. There is a big demand throughout the world for making novel materials for energy creation. The fast transformation in the world of materials for fuel cells, solar cells, batteries and photocatalysis compel us for finding and exploiting opportunities of local manufacturing and training facilities. This interdisciplinary M.Sc. program will bring chemist, physicist, and engineers under one roof to work together as teams and thus bring technical revolution to meet local energy demands.

Focus Areas

Fuel Cells, Solar cells, Batteries, Photocatalysts, Wind, Energy Materials.

Master of Science in Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion

The rules and regulations for admission, examination, etc for the Master of Science (MS) in Electrical Energy System Engineering are as per postgraduate prospectus 2014-2015 of University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar

Eligibility Criteria

  • B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering
  • B.Sc in Chemical Engineering
  • B.Sc in Electrical Engineering
  • B.Sc in Material Engineering
  • M.Sc/BS in Physics
  • M.Sc/BS in Chemistry
  • M.Sc/BS in Electronics
  • M.Sc/BS in Nanotechnology
  • M.Sc/BS in Material Science

Seat Allocation

Seat allocation (per semester) for Master of Science in Materials for Energy Storage andConversion

Conversion :10- 25 seats with 50% allocation for female candidates. 50% female candidates is the requirement of USAID, all the female candidates must fulfill the university criteria for admission in M.Sc. Program. If 50% female candidates are not available then the seats will be offered to male candidate

Degree Requirement

M.Sc. Program would comprise of 32 Credit Hours including 2 CH course of Research methodology.

List of courses in M.Sc. in Electrical Energy System Engineering

Courses Code Title Credit Hours
CAS-ME 501 Material Sciences and Properties of Materials 3
CAS-ME 502 Electrochemistry 3
CAS-ME 503 Electrical and Optical Properties of Material 3
CAS-ME 504 Materials Characterization Techniques 3
CAS-ME 601 Thesis Project 6
CAS-EP 509 Research Methodology 2
CAS-EP 510 Management of Technology and Innovation 3

In addition to core courses in each theme students can select three courses of 3 CH from amongst the approved elective courses in consultation with advisor.

Courses Code Title Credit Hours
CAS-ME 505 Nano fabrication Techniques 3
CAS-ME 506 Materials for Energy Production & Storage 3
CAS-ME 507 Survey for Energy Technologies 3
CAS-ME 508 Thin Films 3
CAS-ME 509 Materials Thermodynamics 3