University of Engineering and Technology,(UET) Peshawar, is a premier institution of higher learning in the field of engineering sciences. Starting as a College in 1952, with an initial enrollment of only twenty students, today it boasts sixteen departments, covering an entire spectrum of engineering discipline, from the traditional, such as electrical and mechanical, to the cutting-edge technologies such as electronics, mechatronics, and industrial engineering. To-date, more than ten thousand students that graduated are serving the needs of Pakistan, and many have achieved high positions of responsibility and excellence in their chosen fields.

The U.S.-Pakistan Center of Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E) at UET Peshawar is designed to support Pakistan’s economic development by strengthening the relevance and responsiveness of university products, including applied and policy research and skilled graduates, to the needs of the public and private sector. I am excited to see that project is proceeding efficiently towards the achievements of its goals through improving governance, innovative research and curriculum reforms.
As a pivotal and comprehensive research center, USPCAS-E UET Peshawar realizes the responsibility for finding sustainable solutions to the energy crisis in Pakistan. With the assistance of the United States Government through USAID Pakistan and Higher Education Commission (HEC), we are committed to contribute in our capacity.

At USPCAS-E UET Peshawar you will have the opportunity to get world class training from outstanding faculty and undertake innovative research with our US partner university, Arizona State University (ASU).

I strongly encourage our stakeholders to approach USPCAS-E UET, aimed to bridge-up the gap between the center and public.

We look forward to welcoming you to USPCAS-E UET Peshawar!

Prof. Dr. Qaisar Ali – Pro-Vice Chancellor