Thesis Defense

Following are the list of documents required for thesis defense;

  • Pre-Defense Seminar Report
  • Departmental Plagiarism Report
  • Transcript
  • Examiner Report
  • BOSAR Notification
  • Two Copies of Thesis (Ring Binding)

Plagiarism Report

For Plagiarism report from QEC, following list of documents are required;

  • Departmental Plagiarism Report
  • Plagiarism Request Form
  • BOSAR Notification
  • T-3 Form
  • Email Thesis to Semester Coordinator

Degree Documents

For degree application process, following documents are required;

  • BOSAR Notification
  • Plagiarism Reports
  • Examiners Notification
  • Copy of T3 File
  • Conference/Journal Paper Published
  • Fee Wavier for PCASE Students (From Student Affairs PCASE)
  • Final Transcript
  • Clearance of Sanctioned amount for Project Thesis
  • Three Copies of Thesis
  • Paper Certificate from Supervisor
  • Chairman/Supervisor recommend for Degree
  • Core Courses Completion Certificate for
  • Affidavit