Solar Technology Centre

Lists of tests

  • Visual Inspection Test
  • Electroluminescence Imaging (EL Test)
  • Flash Test / IV Curve/ Real Power at STC
  • UV Preconditioning Test
  • Hail Impact Test
  • Module Breakage Test
  • Insulation, Wet Leakage Current, Dielectric withstanding test
  • Climatic Chamber (Thermal Cycling and Damp Heat Test)
  • Bypass diode thermal test
  • Water Spray Test
  • Reverse Current Overload Test
  • Corrosion in artificial Atmosphere/Salt Mist Corrosion Test

Visual Inspection Test

The purpose of this test is to identify and locate visual defects that could have affected the performance of the PV module. The Results of the test are description of founded defects, photos of whole PV module and details of selected defects