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It's a harsh reality that Pakistan power system, ranging from production, transmission, distribution and management has many shortcomings. Moreover less work has been done on integrating alternate energy resources with the conventional system.
This specialized energy program will specifically work on how to improve the efficiencies of existing power plants and in helping the integration of various energy sources into and rehabilitation of the present transmission and distribution system. The taught courses will help students in understanding Power Systems and High Voltage Plant Technology, Distributed Generation, System Design and Regulation, Power System Control and Protection, Alternative Energy Systems, Power Quality, Smart Metering, Smart grids and Active Network Devices, and Power Electronics.

Focus Areas

System Design and Regulation, Distributed Generation, Power Systems and High Voltage Plant Technology, Alternative Energy Systems, Power System Control and Protection, Smart Metering, Smart grids and Active Network Devices.


Dr. Abdul Basit
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Technical University of Denmark, Denmark)
Assistant Professor (View detail profile)

Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Khalid
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering (Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China )
Assistant Professor (View detail profile)

Eligibility Criteria

B.Sc. Electrical Engineering

Seat Allocation

  • Seat allocation (per semester) for Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Electrical Energy System Engineering :
  • 30 seats with 50% allocation for female candidates as per requirement of USAID.
  • Female candidates must fulfill the university criteria for admission in M.Sc. Program.
  • If 50% female candidates are not available then the seats will be offered to male candidates.

Degree Requirement

M.Sc. Program comprises of 32 Credit Hours including 2 CH course of Research

List of courses in M.Sc. in Electrical Energy System Engineering

Course Codes


Credit Hours


Transmission and Distribution



Power System Operation and Planning



Power system stability



Renewable Electrical Energy Systems



Thesis Project


CAS-EP 509

Research Methodology


CAS-EP 510

Management of Technology and Innovatio


In addition to core courses in each theme students can select three courses of 3 CH from amongst the approved elective courses in consultation with advisor.

Course Codes


Credit Hours


Advance Power Electronics



Electrical Energy Market



Distributed Generation



Electrical Energy and Environmental Systems



Advanced Topic in Electrical Energy System


Detail List about Courses

CAS-EESE 501 Transmission and distribution ASU 579 [3CH]

Distribution systems, Load characteristics, Application of distribution transformers, design of primary feeders, Design of secondary feeders, Voltage drop and power loss, calculation, Capacitor application, Distribution system automation, HV transmission systems, Review the electrical parameters of HV lines, Conductor types, bundle conductor, Corona phenomena on AC and DC lines, Radio and TV interference, Audible noise, Electrical field effect of HV lines, Insulator selection and clearances, Lightning performance, Voltage regulation.

Recommended Book:

Electrical Energy conversion and Transport. Karady and Holbert; John Wiley 2013

CAS-EESE 502 Power System Operation and Planning ASU EEE 577 [3CH]

System operation and operating tools. economic dispatch / optimal power flow studies (OPF), unit commitment, automatic generation control (AGC), and applications of dynamic programming (DP) and linear programming (LP). role of voltage stability and stability limits in power exchange, Lagrangian relaxation and Mixed Integer Programming, introduction to state estimation applications in power engineering, electric power industry in the World, Free power marketing, role of independent system operators, regional transmission organizations, and other newly formed sectors of deregulated power infrastructure , role of power markets in power engineering.

Recommended Book:
Power Generation, operation and Control, Wallenberg and Wood, John Wiley

CAS-EESE 503 Power system stability ASU 575 [3CH]

System Dynamic Performance, the Swing Equation, Synchronizing power and natural frequencies of oscillations, equal area criterion; Analytical basis for identifying modes, Synchronous Machine control, The two reaction theory , Development of the complete d and q axes equations in per unit, Formulation of the states-pace equations, Equations of the one machine connected to infinite bus, Transient and sub-transient parameters, Synchronous machine simulation, Steady-state conditions and phasor diagrams, Simulation of Multi-machine Systems

Recommended Book:
Power System Control and Stability by Anderson and Fouad, 2nd Edition, Wiley Inter Science 2003

CAS-EESE 504 Advance Power Electronics ASU 572 [3CH]

Basic principles of switch-mode power conversion. Concept of steady state in switching converters, volt-second and ampere-second balance, ideal switches, concept of power pole DC-DC converters Analysis and detailed design of buck, boost, buck-boost, Cuk and SEPIC converters Analysis and detailed design of isolated dc-dc converters including forward, fly-back, push-pull, full bridge and dual active bridge topologies, continuous and discontinuous current modes of operation, linearized, small-signal average models of dc-dc converters, voltage mode and current mode control design methods, design of magnetics for dc-dc converters

Recommended Book:
Power Electronics: Converters, Applications and Design," N. Mohan, T.M. Undeland, W.P. Robbins, Wiley, 3rd ed., 2003

CAS-EESE 505 Electrical Energy Market ASU 598 [3CH]

This course focuses on the market structures that exist within the electric energy industry. The course will provide a background on basic economic theory that is necessary to understand operational objectives, pricing and incentives, market power, etc. We will discuss the history of the electric power industry, regulation, and deregulation. We will discuss dispatch optimization problems that exist in the electric industry, approaches to solving these problems, and the corresponding markets. We will discuss different pricing methods, non-convex markets, uplift payments, etc. The final part of this class will deal with a discussion on current research problems in this field.

Recommended Book:
Fundamentals of Power System Economics, Kirschen and Strbac, John Wiley and Sons, 2010

CAS-EESE 506 Renewable Electrical Energy Systems ASU 598 [3CH]

Due to ultimate energy supply constraints imposed by fossil fuel and ever increasing energy demand from consumers, renewable energy is attaining much more prominent position as a promisingly viable and necessary solution. This course covers the critical technical constituents that advance electrical utilization of renewable energy. The lecture topics are divided into two modules: electric power conversion and grid integration

Recommended Book:
Grid integration and dynamic impact of wind energy," V. Vittal, R. Ayyanar, Springer, 2012

CAS-EESE 507 Distributed Generation [3CH]

Introduction to Distributed Generation, Definition and types of Distributed Generation technologies with DG capacities, Applications of Distributed Generation (DG), Impact of Distributed Generation on Power System Grids, Voltage Regulation, Losses, Harmonics, and Short Circuit Levels of the Network; Influence of DG, Influence of DG in service and product quality; Location of DG in the Distribution Networks and its Topology, Distributed Power System Reliability, Islanding of a Power Networks, Microgrids.

Recommended Books:
Electric Power Distribution Reliability, Second Edition by Richard E. Brown
Integration of Distributed Generation in the Power System by Math H. Bollen, Fainan Hassan
Electric Power Distribution Handbook, Second Edition by Thomas Allen Short

CAS-EESE 508 Electrical Energy and Environmental Systems [3CH]

Impact of fossil and nuclear Fuel Based Electrical energy System, Role of Renewable Energy based Electrical System, Impact of high voltage transmission lines. Health effects

Recommended Books:
Electric Energy: An Introduction, Third Edition (Power Electronics and Applications Series) by Mohamed A. El-Sharkawi
Energy and the Environment by Robert A. Ristinen , Jack P. Kraushaar

CAS-EESE 509 Advance Topic in Electrical Energy System [3CH]

Advanced topics of current interest in Electrical Energy System Engineering. Topics are selected from current technical literature.
Advanced Power Generation Systems by brahim, Oshawa, CalinZamfirescu,
Advanced Topics in Electrical Engineering.International Symposium.7th 2011. (atee 2011)

CAS-EP 509 Research Methodology [2CH]

Define research; research terms; researchprocess and the principle activities, skills and ethics associated with the research process, relationship between theory and research, major quantitative and qualitative research methods, importance of research ethics and integrate research ethics into the research process, assess and critique a published journal article that uses one of the primary research methods in the field; construct an effective questionnaire that employs several types of survey questions.

Recommended Book:
Schutt, R. K. (2012). Investigating the Social World: The Process and Practice ofResearch (7th edition). Los Angeles: Sage.

CAS-EP 510 Management of Technology& Innovation MOTI [3CH]

Introduction to Microeconomics, Financial Considerations for Technology and Innovation Projects, Entrepreneurship, Technology Strategy, Decision Analysis for Technology and Innovation, Marketing of Innovation Innovation of Entrepreneurship, Organisational Behavior & Innovation,

Recommended Book:
The Management of Technological Innovation Strategy and Practice, Revised Edition, Mark Dodgson, David M. Gann, and Ammon Salter, Oxford University Press, 2008`

CAS-EESE 601 Thesis Project [6CH]

National Conference on Green Energy Technologies Video


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