U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar

Electrical Energy System Engineering


It's a harsh reality that Pakistan power system, ranging from production, transmission, distribution and management has many shortcomings. Moreover less work has been done on integrating alternate energy resources with the conventional system.

This specialized energy program will specifically work on how to improve the efficiencies of existing power plants and in helping the integration of various energy sources into and rehabilitation of the present transmission and distribution system. The taught courses will help students in understanding Power Systems and High Voltage Plant Technology, Distributed Generation, System Design and Regulation, Power System Control and Protection, Alternative Energy Systems, Power Quality, Smart Metering, Smart grids and Active Network Devices, and Power Electronics.
Focus Area
System Design and Regulation, Distributed Generation, Power Systems and High Voltage Plant Technology, Alternative Energy Systems, Power System Control and Protection, Smart Metering, Smart grids and Active Network Devices.
Eligibility Criteria
Seat Allocation
Degree Requirement
List of courses in M.Sc. in Electrical Energy System Engineering

Detail List About Courses

CAS-EESE 501 Transmission and distribution ASU 579 [3CH]
Distribution systems, Load characteristics, Application of distribution transformers, design of primary feeders, Design of secondary feeders, Voltage drop and power loss, calculation, Capacitor application, Distribution system automation, HV transmission systems, Review the electrical parameters of HV lines, Conductor types, bundle conductor, Corona phenomena on AC and DC lines, Radio and TV interference, Audible noise, Electrical field effect of HV lines, Insulator selection and clearances, Lightning performance, Voltage regulation.

Recommended Book:

Electrical Energy conversion and Transport. Karady and Holbert; John Wiley 2013

CAS-EESE 502 Power System Operation and Planning ASU EEE 577 [3CH]
CAS-EESE 503 Power system stability ASU 575 [3CH]
CAS-EESE 504 Advance Power Electronics ASU 572 [3CH]
CAS-EESE 506 Renewable Electrical Energy Systems ASU 598 [3CH]
CAS-EESE 507 Distributed Generation [3CH]
CAS-EESE 508 Electrical Energy and Environmental Systems [3CH]
CAS-EESE 509 Advance Topic in Electrical Energy System [3CH]
CAS-EP 509 Research Methodology [2CH]
CAS-EP 510 Management of Technology& Innovation MOTI [3CH]
CAS-EESE 601 Thesis Project [6CH]

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