U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

U.S.- Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy (USPCAS-E)

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List of M.Sc Electrical Energy Systems Engineering students for Merit and Need Based Scholarship form Fall 2015 Female Candidates S/No Roll Number DST Score %age ETEA Score %age Aggregate %age 1 EESE/F/15/08 78 51.25 64.625 2 EESE/F/15/24 76 50.75 63.375 3 EESE/F/15/12 80 Intl GRE Passed Pass S/No Roll Number DST Score %age ETEA Score %age Aggregate %age 4 EESE/F/15/07 76 65.25 70.625 5 EESE/F/15/21 84 51.25 67.625 6 EESE/F/15/39 72 61.5 66.75 7 EESE/F/15/17 72 60.5 66.25 8 EESE/F/15/37 68 64 66 9 EESE/F/15/15 80 50.75 65.375 10 EESE/F/15/23 76 54 65 11 EESE/F/15/01 76 53.75 64.875 12 EESE/F/15/40…
Tuesday, 22 September 2015 14:59

Departmental Test Result Fall 2015 Admissions

List of Students for Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion Departmental Test S.No F.No. Name Test Result 1 USPCAS-E/F/15/003 Muhammad Zakir Khan 62.2 2 USPCAS-E/F/15/008 Maryam Nadeem 35.6 3 USPCAS-E/F/15/009 Mujahid Wasim Durrani 62.2 4 USPCAS-E/F/15/014 Haroon Ahmad Khan 71.1 5 USPCAS-E/F/15/019 Muhammad Suleman Murad 60.0 6 USPCAS-E/F/15/021 Maoz 57.8 7 USPCAS-E/F/15/028 Muhammad Hassan Mohsin 68.9 8 USPCAS-E/F/15/031 Waqar Ali 66.7 9 USPCAS-E/F/15/034 Masood Khan 80.0 10 USPCAS-E/F/15/036 Rahman Ullah 40.0 11 USPCAS-E/F/15/037 Malik Uzair 60.0 12 USPCAS-E/F/15/038 Waqar Aslam 46.7 14 USPCAS-E/F/15/043 Asad Ali 60.0 15 USPCAS-E/F/15/048 Syed Basit Ali Shah 53.3 16 USPCAS-E/F/15/051 Shafi ur Rehman 62.2 18…
Thursday, 20 August 2015 10:55

USPCAS-E Newsletter August 2015

USPCAS-E Newsletter NEWSLETTER AUGUST 2015 DIRECTOR'S MESSAGE Welcome to the U.S.-Pakistan Center for Advanced Studies in Energy, University of Engineering and Technology (USPCAS-E UET Peshawar), located on the campus of UET Peshawar. USPCAS-E UET Peshawar’s vision is to bridge government, academia and industry through credible applied research and sustainable policy formulation to address our energy problems, and find real-life, doable solutions to them. The United States Government through USAID and Government of Pakistan through the Higher Education Commission (HEC) have partnered together to create state-of-the-art centers for advanced studies in energy, water and food security. I encourage you to peruse…
The Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BOASAR) in its meeting approved two Master’ degree programs for U.S.-PCAS-E from academic session (2015-16). The BOASAR held on 17th June was presided over by Dean Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Noor Muhammad while Director Postgraduate Studies, Dr Waqar ShAah, Professors, Heads of Departments, nominated members of BAOSAR and staff of USPCAS-E attended the meeting. The meeting in light of agenda items approved M.Sc Electrical Energy Engineering System and M.Sc. Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion while making few changes in the course titles and recommended both for approval in the forthcoming Academic…
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