International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies

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09.12.2017 9:00 am - 09.13.2017 5:00 pm


With the increasing rate of depletion of the fossil fuels and its harmful impact on the environment, the development of sustainable energy technologies has become the need of the day to keep our planet green but, unfortunately, it is associated with several formidable challenges. In this regard, USPCAS-EP is organizing an International Conference on Sustainable Energy Technologies to bring together energy professionals in academia, government, policy makers, electrical power companies, and manufacturing industries to exchange information and share ideas related to the sustainable energy technologies. The energy experts will review the current developments, opportunities and challenges in renewable energy technologies, energy policy, power engineering and thermal energy systems engineering while keeping in view the regional needs and socio-economic developments. The ultimate objective of this conference is to:

  • Develop and strengthen the links among academia, industry, entrepreneurs and the policy makers engaged in energy sector
  • Exchange the latest information, ideas and developments related to the research and innovation in energy sector
  • Provide the students and young researchers an opportunity to interact with the relevant academics and professionals
  • Enhance public awareness regarding energy crisis and its sustainable solution in Pakistan

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