Students  Facilitation  Centre aims to help the students in their academic issues during their stay at USPCAS-E. It also deals with the new admission enquiries and gives them orientation about the university, its programs, and facilities and guide them about the process of admission at USPCAS-E. The center aims to facilitate students in documentation process for admission, degree application, thesis defense and many more. Beside this, it also helps student in career counselling and to facilitate them in identifying better career opportunities.

Students Facilitation Team

Engr. Noor Muhammad

Coordinator/Focal Person EMS

Engr. Zafarullah

Focal Person (REE)

Engr. Amir Naveed

Focal Person (TSE)

Engr. Aslam Khan

Focal Person (EESE)

Engr. Atif Sardar Khan

Coordinator (Career Resource)

Mr. Waleed Zafar

Office Assistant