Thermal Systems Lab Form


Please attach the test fee deposit slip with this form. USPCAS-E Lab will not accept any radioactive, bio-hazardous, explosive, volatile/dirty sample. Please provide maximum information as asked in the above table. For each sample, a new form must be filled. Please acknowledge in your publications the results of characterization or technical support from the Materials Synthesis Lab USPCAS-E UET Peshawar.
You are advised to submit your samples fee in the 1st week upon receiving the sample. Failure in sample fee submission within the aforementioned time frame will charge extra amount over the sample fee. 3% extra will be charged in the 2nd week; 5% and 10 % will be charged as extra fee in the 3rd and 4th week respectively.
Please note that the concerned laboratory officials will not be responsible for the samples and they will be disposed off within one month after the tests are performed.